I stopped believing in His love after September 11 but went to church anyway and hoped the mind would follow the body. That’s another thing that changed against my will. Love IMO is either there or it isn’t, you feel it or you don’t, and it wasn’t there afterward. I went to church until someone accused me of being “too tolerant.” I left and haven’t returned.

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  • The only thing that kept me grounded was my daughter & husband.
  • I am so thankful to have read this article and the comments.
  • He is just as mean as he always was.
  • Honestly, now that I am over 50, do you realize how very hard it is to meet someone of my generation who is first of all not attached and not fat?

Ha ha ha Thanks for catching that. I was typing away so fast I typed “PRAY” instead of “PREY.” ha ha ha You’re right though, they will be doing a lot of chicago swing dance calendar praying. Art will see what it’s like to belong to a strict Catholic family. Seems like Art would be given up a lot of personal freedom that he’s used to. Don’t cats and dogs coming into foreign countries have to be quarantined for days?

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Just talk about our daughter and cry as I needed. Words weren’t needed as much as someone who loved me enough to just allow me to talk. James, ur story touched me…I am so sorry for ur losses.

Now that she’s gone, I can’t even miss her. I dream about her all night every night. I’m exhausted in the morning from working for her all night. Just know that you aren’t the only one living this hell.

I believe that even art produced with nothing other than financial gain in mind, is a legitimate expression of art. Once a piece is presented and placed out in the world, it no longer belongs to its originator and his or her intentions. It stands alone as a representative of its time and place. In my opinion, we can debate skill levels, craftsmanship or marketability and trends. But who gets to be an artist should not be part of the conversation. The moment of death is not necessarily painful.

We Relate To How They Died

If the answer’s No, and you still don’t have closure, I think it’s a good idea to speak to the person that you don’t have closure with. They don’t even have to have passed on yet! You can do this while they are alive too because it doesn’t really matter whether you believe you’re speaking to them or not. When you visualize it, you’re going to have a real experience. It’s going to affect the way you think about them.

Health Care Power Of Attorney

May you find peace and Joy in Him. He was told he was dying two days before he died, and still didn’t get in touch with anyone in the family to say goodbye, or even leave a message. It’s been left to my parents, to whom he was by now a virtual stranger, to arrange the funeral. There’s nothing wrong with crying after the death of a loved one. You cry because you love and miss them.

I guess the bond formed when I was little and he was my exciting big brother off on adventures and bringing me gifts and stories was stronger than I thought. My former husband and father of our adult sons passed 10 years ago after 3 year battle w cancer. He was the rock of the family full of love and wisdom and optimism. We had divorced amicably 10 years before his death remaining good friends. I was there as part of his hospice team. My grief was hardest the first two years after her died.

Defining Art: This Is Not Art Or Is It? Why Does It Matter?

I do know, and you probably know, that she is already a huge Jojo reference. She speaks like Joseph Joestar, she has a personality like Rohan, wears Jotaro-esque clothing, and does Jojo poses at every opportunity. Children and teens have a similar process, but it can be harder to predict.