According to George, they are pretty much responsible for everything these days. I wonder if anyone will be interested in listening to him when he comes back on the air. I haven’t listened to C2C since he announced marrying the new love of his life.

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  • My mom and I moved you to Florida with us because you called day and night from your 3rd floor attic apt and screamed that you were infested with bugs and rats.
  • Especially now, when we have thousands of eager young minds who graduate from college every year.
  • She reminded me of all the bad times, and told me that I didn’t deserve one dime of his money and I was greedy to wonder why I didn’t get anything.
  • I do have unfinished business with my dad and anger at him and my stepmother that will never be resolved.
  • I lost my dad five years before now losing my husband.
  • His excuse for not coming to see dad was one of the heartless things I have ever heard.

Your culture and technological advancement does not even come CLOSE to What Chinese, people have done in the past and what Japanese and Korean people are doing now! Everything you do is distinctly filipino. You cannot take credit for Japanese cars, video games, or Hentai! It’s not an ‘asian thing’ it’s, an ‘American thing’. You have no concept of culture…no concept of asian ideas or asian philosophy!

Some works might ultimately leave me indifferent, but I enjoy the process. I know we’ve discussed art fairs before, and you see a different art fair venue than I do. I see the ones out in the park, in the summertime. Organized by the local art center, or, some events management group. Instead, the city has opted to continue studying what could be done. Options to improve safety include widening the sidewalks, reducing the number of lanes of traffic, adding bike lanes or lowering the speed limit.

To Release Grief And Sorrow

I am just trying to figure out how to cope for however much longer I live or he lives. I am 67, and like I said before, I don’t feel like my options are what they would have been if I were younger. Who knows, I might go before him, but it has been a long hard slog. This is a subject that I can talk to no one about, not even a counselor probably. He would find out if I did that, or the counselor would probably tell me to leave.

The Regrets And Leftover Emotions After Someone Dies

I have been scouring the web for stories like mine. For people who don’t know what to call this maelstrom of emotions that certainly doesn’t look like grief. Saying the words “I love you.” to them was a foreign thing never having heard those words from my parents, but we did. Maybe not in a lovey-dovey way but the words at least were uttered when it was important. Conflicting, as we think that if they were alive a resolution could be had, yet the hurt of many years past and childhood instead becomes a fixed entity entrenched in out minds.

Also, thank you for discussing things not to say to someone who is grieving. Sometimes, it’s better to not say anything at all. If I hear one more “I’m sorry” or “That’s how it’s supposed to be, even if you don’t understand it” and “how are you? ” I have actually gotten to where I say I’m not well. We are in Grief, we are in shock, we are at a total stand still with the world and sometimes it feels like you can’t go on. It’s tragic losing a family member or loved one can be too much and people saying “I’m sorry” doesn’t cut it.

My mother died of complications from COVID almost 2 weeks ago. The pain is so fresh, and the loss was so sudden. My dad is not handling the arrangements well and so far has refused every single one of my solutions to his problems, and my brothers won’t speak to me unless I reach out first.

Joe had a lot of mental problems and then one afternoon took a handful of drugs including coke and alcohol and sexually assaulted me. He manipulated me into thinking it was love, and left me with permanent nerve damage. I went through about two years of trauma counseling to get past it, and then the other day I found out that he died. Now 10 years later, I don’t feel like I’ve gotten closure. I keep wondering if he isn’t really alive, maybe staging his death somehow, because he isn’t listed anywhere but on the funeral home website. And then I think maybe that’s what I want.

What To Expect When Your Loved One Is Dying

I am planning to attend the funeral, mostly because of my leaking eyes. I don’t know if I need the closure. I am worried about other family members due to circumstances. This term, complicated grelief, really makes sense to me. I have lost my mom, dad, all grandparents and of 2 of 5 siblings, as well as 2 close friends. None of this has prepared me for the recent news that my ex husband (about 37 yrs together & 6 apart) and dad of my 3 adult kids has aggressive cancer.