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  • Additional tone adjustment can be made using the high pass filters on the inputs.

The lower output of each of those tubes than the x type should inherently indicate lower headroom before distortion. I think you are confusing headroom in tube guitar amps with clean gain/headroom in the application involving the ART mic pre. A second stage 12AX7A tube running on a regulated DC voltage provides an additional 40 dB of gain. The design causes the tube to overload before the input or output stage. This allows the user to manipulate the tube gain to meet their sonic requirements. The 1/4″ input has a high impedance, which prevents the loading of any device connected to it and makes the PRO MPA perfect for DI or line level applications.

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I use my sm7 on bass amp, toms, shouty vocals, guitar amps, etc all the time but when I tried mine on vocals I found it dull and lacking top end. As others have pointed out, a condenser might be what you need. The MPA II manages to get a sound that’s closer to these expensive types of micpreamps in spite of not having the transformers or descrete transistors and for under $200 per channel that’s fairly cool. Personally I found this preamp to be low in gain, even with higher gain mode engaged. It never has the effortless sound of my API preamps, it always sounds like it is struggling for gain, it’s a difficult thing to describe with words.

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It makes the drums HUGE and brings the tracks together thats what i wanted for this comp. It’s not for everything but does good with drums and bass. My pair of 1176’s have been the gods of my studio for the past few years. Bought this little black box a week ago because I’ve been running more mics than usual on drums and needed something to smooth out my ribbon mics on drum room tracks, and I must say this box pretty incredible. Dial this baby in just right,and you might as well just sit back and feel the melted butter spill into your ears.

Enclosed in a 2U (3.5″ high) rack-mountable chassis are two independent cha nnels of analog microphone preamplifiers designed to work seamlessly with any recording, sound-reinforcement, or electronic instrument setup. A R T’s PRO MPA circuitry is a hybrid design utilizing the latest and most advanced solid state and tube technology. Using a transformerless design throughout, the PRO MPA maintains exceptional signal integrity and extremely low noise. The Active balanced input utilizes a hybrid, triple-differential transistor design, providing extremely low noise and excellent CMRR.

I’ve got both units; they sound similar to me; I’ve swapped out the tubes in both units for NOS tubes. Yes there is a learning curve to finding the “sweet spot” for the sound you like but it’s worth it. We are getting serious about our audio quality and use large condenser mics and dynamic mics for a lot of our audio work. This is easily the best tube/valve pre-amp out there for under $1000; it’s not just for hobbyists, but is designed as a professional tool.

Paired with my Tube Condenser microphone and the results were amazing! I gained even more air, clarity, but with the addition of the tube warmth. I can only imagine if the tubes are changed out with higher quality tubes. Despite its relatively low cost, the ART Pro MPA2 delivers on both sound quality and versatility.

The only real sonic difference I really heard was that it helped rid me of some brittleness I was experiencing when louder notes were sang on vocals. The tracks were never clipping and I wasn’t overdriving the gain,. But at times I’d get this thin, sharp, fizzy sound in the high end, likely due to cheap Chinese parts, especially the tubes.