If an appellate court were to have overturned that ruling, it most likely would have stopped the recall effort in its tracks. While not the case across the U.S., public sector unions — whether teachers or health care workers or construction workers — hold a particularly large amount of power over California politics and leaders through campaign donations. Organized labor is an important counterbalance to the often unchecked power and bottom-line priorities of corporate America — and they’re particularly important in the context of disturbing wealth inequality. But any special interest group that wields power and influence deserves to be called out when it takes stances that contradict public health guidance. Teachers unions have fought vaccine mandates all over the country in the past few months, despite holding up school reopening in California until vaccines were available. This hypocrisy hasn’t gone unnoticed by parents who were desperate to send their kids back to school last year.

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  • COVID disinformation has been linked to vaccine hesitancy and in some cases has popularized unproven treatments.
  • But any special interest group that wields power and influence deserves to be called out when it takes stances that contradict public health guidance.
  • The California Republican Party decided against formally endorsing a replacement, in part to keep attention focused on Newsom.
  • Another issue that might confuse voters on both sides is the potential choice of any Newsom replacement.

Of the 10,244 California high school students who took the evenement digital 2017 AP Computer Science exam in 2016, only 27% were female. We have a lot of work to do to make sure every student in every school has equal access to computer science and the opportunities it opens up. Arkansas is well on its way to requiring computer science courses in all high schools.

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It’s also labor’s foothold toward bargaining power for a low-wage workforce that has been difficult to unionize because of widespread franchise ownership. Business groups say California’s labor laws already are onerous, and new regulations would raise costs at a time of record inflation and threaten a business model that has allowed many minority entrepreneurs to advance. The Service Employees International Union and its Fight for $15 campaign for low-wage workers, the California Labor Federation and other unions backed the bill. Groups supporting workers’ rights, child and maternal health, gender equity, retirees, and benefits for low-income Californians are pushing for the bill.

Judge Rules That Newsom Vote Guide Language Can Reference Republicans And Trump August

Photo by Animaflora/Getty Images“California needs to prepare for the long-term and work to shape the national landscape before it shapes us,” added Harborside’s Gregory, who cautioned that Newsom’s recall would most likely stall or undo any progress already achieved. If Gavin loses his position as governor, the decision is bound to have a tremendous impact on California’s future, with consequences likely to be felt in nearly every sphere across the country’s most populous state… and cannabis is no exception. At a campaign rally in Pennsylvania, former President Donald Trump said Democrat candidate Lt. Gov. John Fetterman “leeched off his parents’ money.”

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However, the frontrunner, according to recent polling is a talk radio host named Larry Elder. If he were to win, he would become California’s first black governor. There’s also a former san Diego mayor kevin Faulconer and businessman john cox who made a name for himself by campaigning alongside a real live kodiak bear. But they all believe Governor Newsom handled the pandemic badly and they say Californians suffered because of it. I’m a businessman, I want to solve the problem and mandates aren’t going to solve the problem.

Weber’s certification was considered a foregone conclusion for months and came just days after the state Legislature voted to revise the election rules dictating how the recall campaign will unfold — a move Republicans argued was to Newsom’s political advantage. Newsom was leading in the polls, but he was still aggressively campaigning and bringing in national Democratic figures to urge voters to reject the recall vote, which ends on Tuesday. Also this week, the Senate voted 40-0 and the Assembly voted 72-3 for Newsom’s proposal to establish Community Assistance, Recovery and Empowerment Courts for people with debilitating psychosis. The proposal builds off the recognition that existing laws have fallen short of helping thousands of often homeless Californians who suffer from severe mental illness. Family members, medical workers, first responders and community members could refer people to CARE Court, which could order that they receive treatment as well as housing provided by counties for up to two years.

Blue State Governors Bash Red States Because Theyre Feeling The Heat

The California Department of Public Health was involved in drafting more recent versions of the bill. AB 1502 would close certain loopholes preventing people from purchasing nursing homes before they have licenses to run them. The bill followed a series of CalMatters’ stories exposing the problems caused by these loopholes, which have allowed owners to operate homes while license applications are in yearslong pending status, or even when the licenses have been outright denied. The bill, carried by Democratic Assemblymembers Al Muratsuchi of Torrance and Jim Wood of Santa Rosa, would also institute time limits to prevent such delays. Nearly one in three adults in California have a past arrest or conviction on their record, according to the Brennan Center for Justice. While many cases are never prosecuted, these incidents remain on an individual’s record until they are 100 years old in California.