There are two primary ways to get vitamin A from our diet. If you aren’t consuming large amounts of beans, or trout, then supplementing may be necessary. The most common symptom of vitamin A deficiency is a condition called xerophthalmia, which causes a person to lose the ability to see in low light.

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  • Most dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt are good sources of calcium.
  • Here are 15 healthy foods high in one or more B vitamins.
  • Keep in mind that buying frozen is a good option and can be quite convenient in our time-crunched world.
  • The recommended dietary allowances for niacin differ depending on age and sex.

Avocados have high amounts of various vitamins and minerals. They belong to vitamin B3 sources as a 3.5-ounce avocado serving covers 11% of niacin’s DV. In addition to being a highly nutritious fruit, avocados are also low in sugar, making them extremely healthy. Raisins are yet another example of valuable niacin foods.

Best Food Sources For The 13 Essential Vitamins: A Handy Infographic

If nutrients are added, you’ll see them listed in the ingredients on the label. Folate — or its synthetic form folic acid — is important for reducing the risk of certain birth defects. Note that the RDI percentages above are based on an RDI of 400 mcg, but pregnant women need 600 mcg daily .

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It’s especially notable for its high amount of thiamine, of which beef provides little. Vegetarians and vegans commonly use nutritional yeast, as it’s fortified with B12, which is challenging to obtain if you don’t eat animal products . If you skip fatty poultry skin to cut calories, don’t worry — most of the B vitamins are in the meat, not the skin . Chicken and turkey are most notable for their niacin and pyridoxine content. White meat — such as the breast — supplies more of these two vitamins than dark meat — such as the thigh — as shown in the table below.

What Is Vitamin B3?

There are a few reasons why it’s hard to get enough vitamin D this way. Interest in vitamin D and its role in our overall health journey is growing. Vitamins with added ingredients or claims aren’t necessary and can cause side effects. Some companies will send their products to an outside company to verify that the ingredients are accurate. Necessary for normal blood cell production and nervous system function.

Finally, this type of legume is high in protein, making it an excellent meat substitute. With a three-ounce serving of cooked turkey liver, you will cover about 21% of the vitamin’s DV, placing this meat high among the foods with niacin. In addition, turkey is a source of zinc, iron, and phosphorus, and its regular consumption helps lower cholesterol levels. In addition, cod liver oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s may play a role in heart health and may reduce inflammation in the body.

Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid

A small 2012 study reports that drinking 500 g of beet juice significantly lowered blood pressure in healthy people. If you have any questions about healthy eating, food, or nutrition, call (or for the deaf and hard of hearing) toll-free in B.C. You can speak to a health service navigator who can connect you with one of our registered dietitians, who are available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Regarding more restrictive diets, such as the vegan diet, supplementation is an important consideration to ensure a sufficient intake of essential vitamins. An omnivorous diet that focuses on whole foods is the best way to ensure we’re getting a wide range of essential vitamins. However, certain animal foods—such as beef liver and spleen—also contain good amounts of this vitamin. One cup would provide you with 1.1 mg of B6, and 3-ounces of beef liver would get you close, providing you with 0.9 mg. Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, helps with red blood cell formation and in converting the food we eat into energy.