Well my partner moved around the corner with his mum who let him drink. I started a friends relationship with him and we were okay we were building bridges. Just like that 49 years old and then pouff gone. To say that it hit me like a Tsunami is an understatement. So if you’re still out there thanks for that.

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  • Grief shaming me won’t change my feelings, just like it wouldn’t change my kids’ feeling if I did it to them.
  • It did take a lot of courage to let us inside your most private thoughts and moments leading up to this last sunday.
  • She had experienced an unhealthy relationship with a narcissitic pervert she fortunatelly got rid of, and met this guy some time later.
  • But my mom waits until 10 years later to casually mention Katelyn was part of a twin.
  • And they have discovered that if they call urinals hung on the wall, or piles of dirt thrown on the floor “art” it makes people want to stare.

Yeah, I know sometimes we feel like we can never let go of someone, and we feel like we can’t live anymore without him/her. But things come and go and memories do fade. I finally met the man of my dreams. He was even better than I imagined.

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I look at family as tatoueur versailles the final frontier of personal growth and development because they’ve known you longer than almost anyone, pretty much all your life . And a lot of them will continue to treat you as if you are that same version of you that you were when you were younger. If you’d like to heal and move past those feelings and start living life again, this episode may help you achieve that. Other things changed in me too.

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I was willing to give my seat up. And the airline staff said I can’t. My mother in law was angry with me. He jerked his hand out of my hand..

E. Becquerel , Nikola Tesla, Albert Hall , Mark Winsor and Edmund Germer. French inventor Andre Claude was recognized for developing the fluorescent tubular lighting systems. Yet, he was not officially recognized as the inventor of fluorescent lamp. It was reported that the General Electric and Westinghouse obtained Claude’s patent rights and developed the fluorescent lamp that we know today. Watch her ghostride that whip straight to the sky.

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A Filipino writer Jose Rizal could read and write at age 2, and grew up to speak more than 20 languages, including Latin, Greek, German, French and Chinese. Or that a Filipino genius was responsible for the near hiatus in the PENTAGON and White HOuse nearly infiltrating their closely guarded secrets with the ‘ILOVEYOU’ bug. Nuisance maybe, but still one heck of a ‘beautiful mind’…not to be underestimated.The list goes on and on, but who cares right? Certainly not Mr. Art Bell…Boy, I’m not surprised. Then it is ‘his’ ignonimity that would make a civilized person of whatever race puke. Imagine literally connecting Chinese, Koreans and Japanese to the Philippine Islands which is archipelagos away from the countries he has mentioned.

I guess we have to find coping mechanisms but sometimes when you’re in this so fresh like me it’s really hard to even get the drive up to do it. Mine is the same story as Barbara Silvia – lost all my family and within 5 months of each other, including my younger sister who was so very dear to me and my best friend. Before my mom died she told me I was right about everything. You never even once went to see my mom at ANY of the cancer treatments at RI hospital that _I_ alone took her to. The same for the radiation treatments or even the primary care Dr, you were a totally worthless daughter as your are a worthless human being and unfit mother, a pimple on the ass of society.